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Monday, December 21, 2015

Clearing cobwebs in a simple December

Haven't posted anything for a super friggin' long time, like, er... few months? Okay, just almost half year. Sorry bloggie, although my exam ended 1st Dec, I watched series online, do sketches etc.(doing all stuffs I wanted to) and finally here clearing the dust here... *cough cough*

After leaving arts for almost four years, I'm just going to share some random sketches. Just why didn't I take arts when I love arts huh? Guess I lose my mind bzzz...

More to come since I'm going to have a long holiday. :) I think I'll just sketch because I admit I'm not really good at colours.
It's somehow boring when inspirations are gone because there's nothing much to watch recently.(Ignore the tv, they never love me.) While I saw websites stating dramas worth watching, most of them revolve around the era I have zero interest in: the Japanese occupation era. So far the only series I watched is Nirvana in Fire.(Ah yes, I'm interested with ancient ones like period dramas, wuxia, etc.)

This might not be the best period drama and it do have flaws here and there but it's definitely worth watching. Especially when there's so many Yuzheng's drama out there where love triangles are not enough so there are love pentagons and octagons (eye roll), everyone loves the same person and even those who don't know him/her well can sacrifice willingly for him/her(sorry I'm not that great to sacrifice for someone I just met) and colours so striking you could turn blind.
I never read this novel but I found the trailer interesting. After so long I finally got to watch it and it did not disappoint me. The dim yet comforting colours in Nirvana in Fire remind me of the movies and the scenes are beautiful. And... who say only love stories can be touching?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Malaysia oh Malaysia, Taiping oh Taiping

Few weeks ago my mom received summons from MPT which state that she didn't place parking tickets. I just wanna say that in our family my mom is the person who always play save. Say my mom didn't place the ticket? Hah, MPT, you a big damn liar!

So few days ago my mom received the letter stating MPT wants my mom to pay for something she didn't do. My mom say she'll pay to avoid the extra problem because when this department people wants you to pay, they'll do anything to make you pay, but she wants to see the photos taken to proof that she's innocent. (Innocent? No one will proof, mom. The assholes are bullies, liars!)

Today my mom went to settle this problem. She asked to see the photos taken, and guess what? The car plate is ours but the dashboard is obviously not. There's nothing on the dashboard including parking tickets when actually there's something else on our car's dashboard. The photo even showed there's nothing hung on the car rear mirror! That's obviously not our car! Since there's no use fighting, plus my mom is a peacelover that sometimes make me mad, my mom paid.

Lesson learnt: Dear Taipingites, when MPT give you summons even if you're completely obeying the law and innocent, there's no use complaining to them because they'll still fake the proof of photos. The best example is they'll show a picture of a dashboard that isn't your car and no matter what they'll say it's your car. Nevermind, just take it as paying condolence money for MPT's funeral. Why funeral? Die faster, reincarnate faster, be a better man in future.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

dusty blog

Hello internet people! It has been more than 2 months since I last updated my blog. It's pretty dusty here... *sweeping virtually*

So I stole some assignment-doing time and took a stroll on internet street - um, means I got lazy and go online for entertainment.
I came across this website and just try to know how old the net thinks I am, and...
I mean with spectacles on and without a good selfie angle is a 9-year-old? I'm even considered old to be 14 honestly. Aren't 14-year-olds kiddie and cute looking. Anyway thank you internet for thinking I'm this young. *chuckle*

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Year of Goat

Wish everyone celebrating Chinese New Year a happy and prosperous year of Goat!祝大家农历新年快乐!羊年大吉!

Isn't this cute?

For some reason I scared myself unintentionally this morning and thank goodness my CNY mood isn't ruined. Just came back from shopping and I'm so happy because I finally can wear my sneaker wedges! I miss shoes! (due to some reasons I can only wear sandals the past 2 weeks)

On the first day of this year of Goat, lemme go vintage. *winks*

I miss you, wedges! 

Selfie :)

Lastly, hope everyone eat happily and stay healthy this festive season. Fat isn't a problem, but sick is. Happy Chinese New Year again! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Preparing for the Year of Goat

Hello internet people! It had been super hot the last few days and everytime I enter my car before I drive home it felt like FOC sauna. Finally the rain God pitied us and let the rain pour today. I didn't have much time to do lanterns like what I did last year so we reused most of them. What's new is that I did 2 simple hong bao balls for my house and a basic chinese fan for my class. Yep, everything's simply simple.


And I'm not feeling excited for this Chinese New Year compared to last year. Um, maybe I've assignments, homework, etc. Unlike last year's carefree. 

I even reuse the flower basket I arranged last year, but with some slight edits.
Remove some stuffs... 

...and add glitters. 
Emphasizing on the glitters! This might annoy my buddy who came this morning a bit. :P

And thanks to my mom who made this semi-vintage dress for me. :3
Haven't wore a dress/skirt during CNY for many years. Be more feminine this year. Hah!